Permission to scatter human ashes

The district commissioner in Siglufjörður (Sýslumaðurinn á Siglufirði), North Iceland issues licenses for the scattering of ashes in open area.

Application shall be filled out and sent to:

Sýslumaðurinn á Siglufirði
Gránugata 4-6
580 Siglufirði


Inquiries should be directed to Halldór Þormar Halldórsson at the same location, phone 460 3900, or through e-mail:

Provisions for the scattering of ashes

  • Ashes may only be scattered over wilderness, highlands or sea and not near any residential area or structures that   are  used for herding neither of animals, nor at any location that a residential area will be built in the foreseeable future. 
  • Ashes may not be scattered over rivers or lakes
  • A written explicit request of the deceased to have his ashes scattered must be provided, or at least a confirmation of his closest relatives that this was a request of the deceased
  • Ashes may not be scattered at more than one place
  • The location where the ashes are scattered may not be marked nor highlighted in any way. That includes setting up a memorial shield or a heap.
  • When the distribution is complete , the urn must be immediately delivered to the Cremation center in Reykjavík for destruction

Application for license

  • Along with the application form a signed confirmation of the deceased that it was his wish that his ashes should be scattered over sea or Icelandic ground, is to be supplied
  • If such a request is not available, it is sufficient to provide a signed testimony of his closest relatives, that according to their best knowledge, it was a wish of the deceased that his ashes should be handled in that manner. 
  • A description of the site and local conditions where it is planned to scatter the ashes. If a map is available, it should be presented with the location marked on it
  • After the scattering takes place the holder of the license is to provide a signed statement of compliance that all rules and regulations have been followed during and after the procedure.

Processing of the application may take some time as additional information may be required of the topography of the site in question.